Frequently Asked Questions

I want to buy a device, how do I choose a scent?
We send tester fragrances that may be suitable for our customers who are considering purchasing a device by cargo. Just contact us.
Do I have to buy the fragrance from Aromeks?
Our devices have a refillable perfume reservoir. You can use any Aroma Oil Perfume you will supply by easily filling it into the reservoir.
Where can I buy?
You can buy our products from shopping sites (trendyol - Hepsiburada) or by contacting directly by phone or whatsapp.
Fragrance machines are effective up to how many square meters?
The effect area of the devices may differ according to the selected scent, the air circulation in the space and the physical structure of the space, and most importantly, the odorization expectation requested by the user.
Is it possible to installment by credit card?
Yes, we do installment by credit card.
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